Thursday, May 03, 2007

The Whites of Their Eyes

The Norwegian Blogger Fjordman outlines how the coming European civil war will unfold. I am substituting America for Britain in this quote but this is how ΛΕΟΝΙΔΑΣ believes it will transpire:
1. The U.S. government continues its suicidal policy of promoting Multiculturalism and cracking down on American “racists”. (a federal "hate crime" law has recently passed the House)
2. A precipitating incident by an immigrant [or Islamist] group of immigrants sparks violence, with mobs of angry Americans taking the law into their own hands. ( May day "protest" as in Los Angeles)
3. The riot police and possibly military troops are summoned by the government to quell the “racist hooligans.”
4. At this point a true civil war has begun, with the Government and civil authorities, in tacit alliance with the Islamists, [or illegal immigrants] fighting native Americans.
5. Elements of the police and the military are reluctant to fight against their own countrymen — with whom they are in broad agreement — and they defect to the “racist” side of the conflict.
6. Next step…? Perhaps a full civil war?

Here in the U.S. the scenario will play out somewhat differently time wise, as a prerequisite to the above will require the disarming of the populace. The de facto abrogation of the 2nd Amendment has already occurred.

Fjordman believes that the situation in Sweden has already passed the tipping point of self disintegration as a result of the welfare state, multiculturalism and denial which will in fact cause its implosion within the next decade. Fjordman's prognosis for Sweden is not optimistic: “Sweden as we know it now will cease to exist. It’s hard to say what will take its place. It’s not a pleasant thing to contemplate.”
ΛΕΟΝΙΔΑΣ would advise those concerned with liberty in the western hemisphere to perhaps bury their powder supplies in a dry place.


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Anonymous said...

After the general election in '08, if a Democrat wins and attempts to continue policies such as recently passed HR 1592 (federal Hate crimes legislation) and withdrawal from Iraq, you might see Secret Service protection be non-existent for the new "Commander-in-Chief". Would you lay down your life to protect a multi-culti dictator that wants to destroy the Constitution?