Saturday, December 15, 2007

The REAL Function of Government

I recently entered into a discussion with an acquaintance on the positions of various presidential candidates and what their agendas might be if elected next November. The conversation eventually got around to various administrative departments of the Executive branch and their functions.

Being a curious individual, a bit of research was appropriate and the recent release of the National Intelligence Estimate which seemed to contradict what we had been led for several years to accept (with regard to Iran's nuclear aspirations) appeared to be a good place to begin.

A recent news item revealing that an illegal alien from the Middle East, hired by the FBI and subsequently transferred to the CIA was engaged in obtaining sensitive US intelligence data on Hezbolla is an interesting case in point. Why would a national investigative bureau and later an intelligence agency hire a female illegal alien unvetted and untrained in intelligence functions and subsequently grant her clearance to highly classified material? The answer to this question will astound the interested citizen.

"On December 6, Donald Kerr, the PDDNI, that is, the Principal Deputy Director of National Intelligence, laid out his agency’s 500-day plan to set things right.... The 500-day plan enters almost immediately into a discussion of the vital importance of “Equal Opportunity and Diversity.”

There you have it gentle readers. If you believed that the purpose of a national intelligence agency was to utilize the most highly qualified staff to gather and report on intelligence matters for the purpose of furthering national security you would be wrong! Its real purpose is to provide interesting and lucrative career opportunities for women and minorities not to mention foreign espionage operatives so long as they are ethnically and gender "diverse". Lottsa Luck.

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