Saturday, February 24, 2018

More Leftist "Logic"

By Thomas DiLorenzo

Five Broward County cops cowardly hid behind their cop cars while seventeen students and faculty were being murdered and scores of others injured just feet away inside that Coral Springs, Florida school.

You know, those black-and-white cars that say “To Serve and Protect” on the side.  (As of this writing only one of them has “resigned”).  The county sheriff, one Scott Israel, has the chutzpah to have gone on national television to advocate more gun control laws that would disarm the law abiding, and greater reliance on his cowardly bureaucrats instead for school “protection.”  They’re very good, after all, at “forming a perimeter” around buildings while murderers are spraying people with bullets inside.

Meanwhile, the Lunatic Left acts as though Donald Trump himself pulled the trigger of that AR15.   Disarming the law abiding would of course guarantee an increase in mass shootings in schools and elsewhere.  Dial 911 and die.

The cops are essentially crime historians.  They show up after a crime has been committed, then they write up a report about the crime to be used to beg the legislature for more money for higher police salaries and for hiring more cops to increase police union dues revenues.

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