Thursday, February 01, 2018

Rats Donning Their Lifejackets?

By Michael Rozeff

The FBI officials guilty of letting Hillary off the hook, of getting a FISA warrant based on garbage, of planning to neutralize Trump or get him impeached, of altering records, of hiding records, of stonewalling, of destroying evidence, of failing to investigate when they should have, and of spying where they shouldn’t have, among their assorted misdeeds, are all going to be canned and perhaps indicted for their misdeeds.

The entire Russian concoction was fake from A to Z, only devised as a political maneuver to stop Trump and save Clinton. We have known this almost from the time the golden showers dossier was published. It has taken time for the whole story to be dug out. We knew a long time ago that the FBI relied on this dossier.

The desperation of these people is mirrored in the fake press headlines that are increasingly remote from the realities of this case. They too are desperate to maintain their narrative and their credibility.

It is now supposed to be “news” that Trump asked Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein in December if he was on his team. The headlines act as if there was something wrong about a president asking such a question. Trump knew what to ask because he had information that we are only now getting, which is that Rosenstein was likely to be one of those who had sought the FISA warrant based on nothing concrete. We are being told this:
“A controversial Republican memo alleging surveillance abuse specifically names FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein along with former FBI Director James Comey.”

Trump had every right to inquire of Comey and Rosenstein. He has every right to have considered firing them or Mueller or anyone else tainted with this major scandal within the FBI and with tentacles reaching into other intelligence agencies and back to Obama and his motley crew.

Trump has given them all more than enough rope to hang themselves. He has played his hand with great skill. If all that Mueller can come up with is a charge of Trump’s obstructing justice based on his making inquiries to smoke out those who were against him and had used underhanded means, then Mueller too will fall. He will be discredited again, as he has been in the past, if he chooses such a course of action and persists in it. He’d be wise to wrap up his investigation quickly and move out of the line of fire.

Trump has the upper hand and he’s going to clean this sector of the swamp or at least expose its perfidy.

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