Friday, December 02, 2005

Clueless on the Hudson

Few things in life are easier than determining the political agenda (" world to end on Tuesday. Women and minorities hardest hit") of the editors of The New York Times. In a column appearing November 30 we note the following:

"...Gasoline prices - the national average is now $2.15, according to the Energy Information Administration - have fallen [this just in] because higher prices held down demand and Gulf Coast supplies have been slowly restored.

It all means the economy is likely to end the year with a splash. But before you splurge on a new car, consider this: Many economists do not expect the party to continue, especially if the Federal Reserve continues taking the punchbowl away and raises interest rates. That could further slow the housing market, damp consumer spending and crimp corporate profits."

While the Times appears to have just recently discovered the workings of basic demand and supply curves (available to students in most community colleges) it is ceaseless in attempting to spin the news, ANY NEWS, into fitting its template of hatred for the Bushies.

And by the way, members of the military in Iraq are less likely to die than if they remained in California.

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