Friday, December 09, 2005

U.S. “Guilty” in spite of the Evidence

The collectivists and their grant-hungry junk scientists both here and abroad continue to blame the U.S. for global climate change in spite a lack of solid evidence. Leonidas would bet that you did not learn of this on the evening “news”:

"We know that we who reside in the United States emit about 6.2 billion tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere each year," [therefore] "As [the] air mass travels from west to east, it should receive carbon dioxide and the East Coast concentration of CO2 should be higher than on the West Coast.

"But observations tell us otherwise. The mean atmospheric CO2 concentration on the East Coast has been observed to be lower than that over the Pacific coast. This means that more CO2 is taken up by land over the United States than is released by industrial activities."

In other words, the U.S. has been found to be a net ABSORBER of CO2! Nevertheless, the “scientists” reveal their agenda for justifying the imposition by the Kyoto protocol on the U.S. and its crippling reduction of industrial activity in the following paragraph:

“Team members emphasized that while the North American sink may prove important in worldwide management of atmospheric carbon absorption, their results should not be interpreted as justification for claiming that preexisting carbon sinks in a given region act to offset that region's combustion-produced carbon dioxide.”

Translation: The large producers in the “developing world” of CO2 such as China and India are EXEMPT from emissions reductions, but the Industrial west must reduce its living standards i.e. CO2 emissions in order to reduce the 0.03% of climate change attributable to human activity.

It would indeed require a cretin to fail to understand that the real agenda of the greenies is to restrict liberty (capitalism).

Leonidas, while not a great fan of G.W. Bush is willing to at least give him credit for enraging the greenies by “unsigning” the Kyoto treaty. Meanwhile Mr. Gore soldiers on.


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