Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Goodbye Tookie

The Leonidas was definitely wrong in his prediction that the governator would spare Tookie Williams (may he rest wherever folks of his ilk spend eternity). Indirectly it can be argued that Tookie was a “victim” of the war on drugs. The Crips gang that he helped to found was begun in order to organize the turf conflicts generated by the criminals of the south and central areas of Los Angeles City and County. As Leonidas was working in that area at the time (early and mid 1970’s) at the Lennox station of the Sheriff’s Department, he had some contact with these folks. The rival gang at the time was the Bloods and both of the gangs although engaging in battles with each other had an obvious racist message and committed other crimes such as armed robbery, burglary and vehicle theft. The most important fuel for these and other criminal gangs are the huge profits from the distribution of illegal drugs. The drugs themselves are relatively cheap and easy to manufacture but the prices they command are astronomical due to the risks of apprehension. Incidentally, most of the narcotics involved in this tragic war were sold over the counter at your corner drug store prior to 1913. I guess that prior to that time the population was dropping in the streets due to drug overdoses. A huge thank you to the collectivists (Progressives) who gave us these and other wonderful laws such as the income tax. For some other horror stories caused by the multi billion dollar “war on drugs” industry go here.

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