Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Great Satan Strikes Again

The recent air crash of an Iranian air force C-130 into an apartment complex just outside Tehran which killed at least 128 people including scores of “women and children” is the fault of George Bush as he is the one in charge of the “Great Satan” these days. Karl Rove’s office did not return calls requesting a reaction.

Official sources in Iran blamed lack of spare parts due the U.S. embargo for the crash even though the parts are available from dozens of other countries around the world. (The absence of toilet paper in Cuba is also blamed on another U.S. embargo even though Cuba has trading relations with about 190 other countries.) This is apparently the first crash of a U.S. made aircraft in Iran since the 1979 revolution. The seemingly routine fatal crashes of Iranian aircraft have heretofore involved planes manufactured in Russia, Ukraine and Holland.

The great satan is also probably responsible for recently constructing the 10 story apartment building in the flight path of the airfield as well as the gas compression facility next to it. Investigation is doubtless under way to determine if in fact this was a suicide attack executed by operatives of the CIA. Valerie Plame’s husband is said to be preparing a “tell all” press conference.

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