Sunday, February 12, 2006

"Black" History Month

The New Slavery

Joe Mariani

Over the last several decades, Liberals and Democrats have been pulling off the greatest scam of all time -- rewriting history itself. It's amazing how, in a free society, they have managed to hijack the past, twisting the truth by subtle manipulation. Somehow the Left has convinced a sizeable portion of Americans that lowered expectations and government coddling are their birthright by reason of their African ancestry. The new slavery is an enslavement of the mind, and its victims willingly embrace their chains.

Multiculturalists (those who preach self-segregation) have convinced many black Americans to believe they even have a different history from the rest of the country. This is a distortion of reality that has already caused much damage to our national identity. What is "black history month" supposed to represent, anyway? All those people and events singled out for special recognition as being part of "black history" were, in fact, AMERICAN events and AMERICAN people. Every American should celebrate the achievements of Americans who made a positive impact on our shared history, without dividing them according to skin color. All Americans have equal reason and right to be proud of George Washington and Benjamin Franklin as well as Booker T. Washington and Benjamin Banneker.


Hope said...

I agree. How can your country be a "Melting Pot" if you keep separating all the ingredients. It's kind of like stew. The beef can say "I'm the most important ingredient in this pot" and the carrots and potatoes can say " hell, we can stand on our own" and they can, stand on their own, but then it's just not stew.

Wadical said...

The fact that there will NEVER be a "White History Month" or a "White Network Television" or a "National Association For The Advancement Of White People" or "Ivory Magazine" or "The National White Caucus" or "The United White College Fund" or a "White Miss America" or a "White College" speaks volumes.

Placating and appeasing is what our country has become all about. I'm sorry, but because your Great, Great, Great Grandfather was a slave does not mean I owe you a freakin' living or in any other way entitle you to milk the multicultural tit failing to earn your keep. My Great, Great, Great, Grandfather was a poor sharecropper and owned NO slaves.

Man, I found some penned up hostility there. Kinda got off subject. Oh well, that's what the blogosphere is all about, right? Saying what you want about what you want whenever you want.

ΛΕΟΝΙΔΑΣ said...

Unfortunately slavery has existed for many millenia and no particular race has a monopoly on having suffered it. Slavery exists to this day in sub sahara Africa but the race pimps in the U.S.find convenience in ignoring it.

Anonymous said...

Hate breeds Hate! I feel that african americans that are upset about it all really Want to be upset, they want something to cry about and the scarry thing is that the liberal media really buy into all this crap.