Saturday, February 18, 2006

"Peaceful" Nukes

" Any country that seeks "peaceful" nuclear power and is completely self-sufficient in energy production is de facto suspect. Iran has enough natural gas to meet its clean electrical generation needs for centuries. The only possible rationale for its multi-billion-dollar program of building nuclear reactors, and spending billions more to hide and decentralize them, is to obtain weapons, and thus to gain clout and attention in a manner that otherwise is not warranted."

Victor Davis Hanson

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Wadical said...

Didn't work out so well for Iraq in 1981 did it? I don't think we should make Israel do it this time. Although I bet they will if they have too. I'm making the assumption that it will have to be done. Not a great stretch of the imagination, the way things are looking. You best believe DPRK is taking notes on our response to all of this. I say the message we send to them on how we respond to such threats should be loud and crystal clear.