Friday, October 20, 2006

How Can This Be?

Let's review some facts. Recently North Korea tested what has turned out to be a nuclear bomb and promised further testing soon. The chattering class on both ends of the political spectrum pointed accusing fingers at each other to assign blame. The "right wingers" blamed the Clinton administration for negotiating an end to the norks' program in return for providing aid in the form of two nuke plants as well as other goodies. The ink was not dry on the "agreement" before the norks were cheating. The left wingers (Clintons et al) immediately blamed Bush for insisting on 6 power talks and not negotiating with Kimmie bilaterally (translation: buying him off with more goodies) A few days ago China sends a "delegation" to Pyongyang to confer with Kimmie and afterwards it returns to China THE SAME DAY. The following day Kimmie announces he "regrets the atomic test and has no plans for further tests". He also states that he is considering returning to the negotiating table. What gives? Can it be that Bush was correct in not opening the candy store for the norks? Allah forfend! Hold your breath waiting for this gem of a story to make the front page of the New York Times.


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