Sunday, October 01, 2006

Riding the Tiger

In 1939, the Ribbentrop-Molotov Pact cleared the way for Hitler to start World War II. The Pact caught the world by surprise, because it was an alliance between two bitter enemies, National Socialist Germany and Communist Russia. From a historical perspective this is not so surprising as both National Socialism and Communism are collectivist philosophies as John Ray often points out. The present tacit alliance between the left and the Muslim jihadists William S. Lind calls the "Marx-Mohammed Pact:"
"What made possible the recent bombings in London (July 2005), and [Madrid] and the many more that almost assuredly will follow in Europe and the United States, is the Marx-Mohammed Pact. Once again, two sworn enemies, Marxism - - specifically, the cultural Marxism commonly known as Political Correctness - - and Islam, have made a Devil's bargain whereby each assists the other against a common enemy, the remnants of the Christian West." "London and Madrid were only a foretaste of what those policies will bring to Europe and America. If we dare rip down the camouflage nets cultural Marxism has erected to blind us we see Europe has two real choices: an infinity of Londons/Madrids or a second expulsion of the Moors."

Of course, the same collaboration happened in Iran, where popular "reformers" such as Ali Shariati in the years before the 1979 revolution infused Islam with aspects of Western thought and made the Marxists believe that they could coexist with Islam. So they cooperated in overthrowing the Shah - and then all the godless Socialists were the first ones to hang from lamp posts around the country when Khomeini and his Islamic cronies seized power. The secular Leftists in Europe know fully well that they do not agree with religious Muslims on [most] issues, but they believe they are the senior partners in the alliance and that they can "ride the tiger." That may be true now, but for how long will the situation remain like that?

As the commenter Kactuz points out: "...On the surface you have what should be two mortal enemies - the left and Islam - yet we are seeing a convergence of these two based upon their shared hate of Western Culture: liberty, individualism, democracy and capitalism. The dirty little secret is that Islam despises the left also, but this will not keep radical Muslims from using them to advance their agenda [this is what is known in the Koran as Al-Taqiyah]. The left will never know what hit them until they are on their knees and some jihadist is standing over them with a sword.

It will probably worsen before the will to survive manifests itself in western culture.


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