Saturday, December 09, 2006

Mommie May I...NO!!!

First they came for the guns and I was silent as I did not have guns. Next they came for the cigarettes and I was silent because I didn't smoke. When they came for my Big Mac and french fries it was too late.
The New York City' s Board of Health banning, last Tuesday [December 5, 2006], of the use of trans fats in restaurants is a second instance in which the Board shows that it has no compunctions about violating the sanctity of the human mind and its freedom to judge and to choose. What allegedly justifies this behavior by the Board is the mere fact that trans fats have supposedly been scientifically proven to be unhealthy. The freedom of choice of the citizen apparently means nothing to the Board. Like a curt parent controlling the choices of a child and expecting that his “No” will be sufficient, the Board has taken away the power of choice from adult citizens and told them they will no longer be able to obtain food in restaurants that is prepared with trans fats.
The meaning of this is that if something is shown to be bad, nothing else is required to put an end to its consumption: no cognition on the part of the individual consumer, no choice on his part. These count for nothing according to the New York City Board of Health and its alleged experts. They can simply be ignored and brushed aside.
They can have my fish and chips when they pry them "from my cold dead hands".



Rose said...

Remember years ago when all the cigarette bans started and people raised the issue of the slippery slope and we were assured that "it would never happen" that the same kinds of things would be done about McDonalds food and the like?

In California, they've taken the vending machines out of schools, don't want kids to buy candy, Coke/Pepsi and chips.

I wonder what happens when we are all old, and the kids are in charge of taking care of us, what will happen? Will they strap us in our seats (to keep us safe)? Sorry! No mochas for you, no coffee for you - It's Ba-a-d for you! They learn what they live.

Pogo said...

We have met the enemy and he is US!