Wednesday, December 06, 2006

VooDoo "science"

ΛΕΟΝΙΔΑΣ has made the point in previous posts that environmentalism and specifically those who adhere to the global warming alarmist (warmista) sect are essentially a religious movement for several reasons. Firstly the degree to which human activity contributes to climate change is only a theory and cannot be proved using the scientific method, notwithstanding the assertions of those on either side of the debate. Secondly, it appears that one side in the debate wishes to utilize the power of government duress to silence its opposition by use of the court system as demonstrated by the Attorney General of California considering filing legal action against scientists in that state for questioning that the major cause of climate change is anthropogenic while simultaneously suing US and Japanese auto makers for manufacturing vehicles which emit CO2 gas. This amounts to the establishment of a state religion and It would seem that the warming skeptics are to be treated as blasphemers, forcibly silenced or otherwise punished. Does this ridiculous situation remind anyone of the Islamic governments such as Iran and Saudi Arabia punishing those convicted of violating Koranic law?
Nigel Lawson of the CENTRE FOR POLICY STUDIES in the UK in his recent lecture on THE ECONOMICS AND POLITICS OF CLIMATE CHANGE sees three dangers to society of what he calls the new religion of eco-fundamentalism:
The first is that the governments of Europe, fired in many cases by anti-
Americanism (never underestimate the extent to which distaste for President
Bush has fueled the anti-global warming movement), may get so carried away
by their rhetoric as to impose measures which do serious harm to their
economies. That is a particular danger at the present time in the UK. No
doubt, when the people come to suffer the results they will insist on a change of
policy, or else vote the offending government out of office. But it would be
better to avoid the damage in the first place.

The second, and more fundamental, danger is that the global salvationist
movement is profoundly hostile to capitalism and the market economy. There
are already increasing calls for green protectionism – for the imposition of trade
restrictions against those countries which fail to agree to curb their carbon
dioxide emissions. Given the fact that the only way in which the world’s poor
will ever be able to escape from their poverty is by embracing capitalism and the
global market economy, this is not good news.

But the third danger is even more profound. Today we are very conscious of the
threat we face from the supreme intolerance of Islamic fundamentalism. It
could not be a worse time to abandon our own traditions of reason and
tolerance, and to embrace instead the irrationality and intolerance of ecofundamentalism, where reasoned questioning of its mantras is regarded as a
form of blasphemy. There is no greater threat to the people of this planet than
the retreat from reason we see all around us today.

As for the warmista movement, it shares the identical characteristic with religions in that its dogmas cannot be conclusively proven and thus must be accepted on the basis of FAITH. As it evolves in the US, ΛΕΟΝΙΔΑΣ sees it as in flagrant violation of the Constitution by establishing a state religion.


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