Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Bumper Sticker Insanity

The recently implemented McCain Feingold "campaign finance" law has resulted in several absurdities. ΛΕΟΝΙΔΑΣ would recommend that henceforth anyone with a vehicle used in his business refrain from placing any message thereon of a possible political nature.
It seems that perpetual NASCAR also-ran Kirk Shelmerdine used some unbought space on his race car to list the names of two political candidates in the late Summer of 2004, [hint: it was not Kerry Edwards] bringing the power of the Federal government crashing down on this unsuspecting non-voter.

"Notified by a Democratic activist of this nefarious, unreported political activity, and apparently concerned about the possibility that this might corrupt the Bush Administration, the Federal Election Commission went out investigating."
It's a humorous tale, though, albeit a bit of black humor - and also a telling story of where we are in mindless campaign finance regulation that a simple expression of political enthusiasm or business calculation should generate not only an admonishment from the United States Government to one of its citizens, but also four statements of reasons from 6 different commissioners. And it is worth noting that the Commission, in merely sending "admonishment letters," appears to have defied its General Counsel, who, it appears, favored fining these recalcitrants.

It just gets curiouser and curiouser how the First Amendment to the Constitution simply keeps circling the drain.

hat tip Brad Smith at Redstate


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