Sunday, January 14, 2007

Debating: Sarcasm and Irony

ΛΕΟΝΙΔΑΣ, who engages occasionally in debates is attempting to resist the temptation to utilize sarcasm and irony overmuch. This is sometimes difficult and the examples put forward by such superb practitioners as Ann Coulter and others are tempting to emulate. An excellent example of both Sarcasm and irony is the following pearl courtesy of Sigmund Carl and Alfred:
Barbara Boxer’s ‘Freudian Slip’ is telling. First, she accused Condaleeza Rice of being a flawed decision maker. Then Ms Boxer insinuated that because she has no children, Condaleeza Rice cannot be as empathetic or sympathetic to those Americans who might lose a loved one.

Of course, that would mean Ms Boxer couldn't possibly understand the evil or significance of racism, because she isn’t black and thus her positions on race cannot be taken seriously.

Ms Boxer can [however] opine with some credibility on the matter of corruption. Among other things, she funneled $115,000 to Douglas Boxer & Associates, from a PAC for Change, her leadership political action committee.

Douglas Boxer calls the Senator, ‘Mommy.‘

It seldom gets better than that.
ht/ John Ray

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