Saturday, September 09, 2017

A Green and Politically Correct Evacuation?

How many of these vehicles are "eco friendly?

By Jack Hellner:

There are many people throughout the world who advocate stopping the use of all fossil fuels. Fossil fuels are said to be dirty, wasteful, polluting, and the source of profits for, horrors, Big Oil.

That's all fine and dandy, but there's a such thing as a mass emergency evacuation, such as we see with Hurricane Irma. And we saw city and state officials bending over backward to ensure adequate fuel supplies for the likely coming evacuation in the days before the storm. They weren't touting wind power at a time like that, it was all about getting gas tankers to fill the stations. Some even had police escorts to ensure their delivery so that people would be able to fill up for the trip out.

Wouldn't the evacuation of over five million people have gone as well without fossil fuels? We could have all the cars, airplanes, semis, cruise ships and road equipment either powered by wind and solar or maybe batteries which were charged only on wind and solar since there would be no fossil fuels. This is pretty close to the actual plan for places such as California, but don't think there aren't others who would follow in the name of virtue-signaling in the media. Speaking of the press, maybe all the reporters who go to and leave from Florida should arrive and leave without fossil fuels since almost all of them pontificate about how much damage these same fossil fuels cause.
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