Friday, September 01, 2017

He “Declines”—And No, He’s Not a Noun But A Murderer

By Becky Ackers

You may recall the appalling case of Justine Damond, the Australian lady living in Minneapolis who called the cops (NEVER, EVER do that, no matter what; you stand a better chance with free-lance thugs than official ones) “to report a possible sexual assault behind her home.” Unarmed and wearing pajamas since it was late at night, “she approached the responding squad car.” One of the badged bullies inside shot her. Yes. For no reason. In cold blood.
At any rate, T.K sent me a link to the next chapter in this horror story:
The Hennepin County attorney says he expects to make a decision about filing charges in the fatal Minneapolis police shooting of Justine Damond by the end of the year.
Got that? Said attorney isn’t debating what charges to file—murder would be my vote—but whether he’ll file any at all. Imagine Ms. Damond’s tragedy in reverse: suppose she had fired at and killed a cop. How long would the “Hennepin County attorney” deliberate before nailing her? One nanosecond or none?
Note as well that Ms. Damond’s killer “has declined to be interviewed by investigators.” “Declined.” As if “investigators” were inviting him to a little fete Saturday night but, gosh, he’s already made plans and must regretfully decline. Try that the next time the State demands its pound of flesh from you, whether taxes, jury duty, or your cooperation with an investigation into a crime you’ve committed: “decline” and see what happens.
The gulf between us serfs and our overlords yawns ever more widely.

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