Saturday, September 02, 2017

Racist Rescuers?

 Logan Anderson
It didn’t take long for the politicization of the Texas floods to shift from First Lady Melania Trump’s high heels to the tried-and-true meme of the Confederate battle flag.
Logan Anderson, 24, a former digital strategist for the 2016 Hillary Clinton campaign, took to Twitter to vent over white men in an airboat rescuing black people trapped by Hurricane Harvey’s high water because the boat sported the “Southern Cross” – the battle flag of Confederate fighting men.
“Y’all, the Confederate flag crowd is helping black people evacuate in Houston,’ she tweeted, adding three skull emojis to her message.
“I would absolutely get on that boat, by the way. And then, when they dropped me off, I’d tear off the flag and drop it into the flood,” she said in a second tweet.
If Anderson did try to “tear off the flag,” she’d probably be disappointed, as the banner is painted on the airboat’s large rudder.

But Anderson wasn’t finished, intimating in a pair of tweets the white rescuers really had sinister, racist motives that put their unsuspecting black passengers in danger.
“Let’s be honest: The black people who are being rescued from the flood by good ol’ boys will probably end up in the sunken place … get it? Like … ‘sunken place’ because of the flood, but also like in get out? Huh? Anybody?”
logan_anderson_tweet4This isn’t the first time Anderson has gone after the historic Confederate symbol. As a student at Louisiana State University, she attacked the tradition of flying a yellow and purple version of the flag at pre-game tailgate parties.
“It was two hours into tailgating when I saw a purple and gold Confederate flag flying high over the parade ground,” she wrote. “It stopped me in my tracks. A million questions ran through my head: How is it possible that, in the 21st century, this is still something that we as a community are allowing to happen?
“Purple and gold flags are actually a very popular item for the cross-section of people who happen to be fans of both Louisiana State University and slavery – a cross-section which is, sadly, very large.”

Anderson joined the Hillary Clinton campaign after a picture of her in her LSU graduation gown sporting the Democrat’s campaign logo went viral. She took advantage of her instant popularity to tout her bachelor’s degree in mass communications and minor in political science and ask for a job, getting hired immediately and starting just four days later.
Now, thanks to her tweets, Anderson is doing a new kind of mass communication and has a new kind of instant popularity, and this time it’s not enhancing her resume.
Following her characterization of the white rescuers as being bent on harming the rescued blacks, Anderson passed it off as “terrible jokes [that] help me not panic,” most of those responding to her tweets were having none of it.
Among their messages were ones like these:
  • Those are Texans taking care of Texans, selflessly. I don’t expect you to understand through your veil of hatred.
  • All I see is people helping each other. Why y’all always gotta bring race into everything?
  • He’s saving people…I’m not really sure what your problem is.
  • Her problem is that she’s an ignorant racist in denial.
  • She’s sick, racist, and entitled. Unfortunately that doesn’t even begin to cover it.
Ironically, Anderson’s own family – trapped on the second floor of their Texas home – had been rescued the previous day. No word on the race of the rescuers.

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