Sunday, July 30, 2006

Another Glorious Victory!

The "progressives " of the left excoriate Israel constantly for its "brutality," complaining that Israel kills civilians. Yes, Israel kills civilians. So does every country that engages in military action. Like all civilized (i.e. "non-Muslim") nations, and to a greater degree than most, Israel strives to avoid civilian casualties, but they still happen. As a result of Muslim provocation, of course. Few will point that out.

Muslims, on the other hand, target civilians deliberately. The USUAL goal of armed Muslims is to kill civilians. Partly because they're barbarians, and partly because they generally lack the guts to take on soldiers.

Now another mighty Muslim warrior--an American citizen--has reminded us how brave and moral Muslims are, and how loyal Muslim citizens are, by breaking into a Jewish community center and shooting six women, one of them pregnant. Way to go, Muslim Avenger. I'll bet Allah is really impressed. Maybe next time you could break into a maternity ward and shoot Jewish babies. By Muslim standards, that would be a major military victory.




Anonymous said...

The left is more concerned about Mel Gibson SAYING something against Jews than they are about Hezbollah BOMBING and KILLING them.

Strange disconnect. Caring about the pretend, and ignoring the reality.

ΛΕΟΝΙΔΑΣ said...

Mel Gibson has experience dealing with Hollywood Libs many of which are Jews. That was what he was venting on.