Saturday, July 29, 2006

A Patrick Henry Moment

The problem today as it has been in all civilized societies is the deathly fear of conflict and war. This fear drives all men to cower in their own shadow and tolerate just about any concession to avoid conflict. Technology has brought those fears home to many. On nightly TV we are treated to graphic displays of the results of physical war. Unfortunately those pictures don’t tell the real story. As in all previous wars, their genesis is in the minds of men. Men start wars for as many reasons as can be imagined. Islam wants to fight a war to conquer the world for Islam. The Imams make it mandatory as dogma that a young Muslim will only be saved fighting to install Islam throughout the world. The Imams resort to the supernatural “Allah” as their authority and the idiots of the free world think they can talk the Muslims into secularism. Muslims don’t want no stinking secularism, they want a caliphate and no amount of talking will deter them.

So we find ourselves in August, 2006 teetering on a world gone mad with fear that the “Great Satan”, the United States of America, will not only tolerate but assist in killing the warriors of Hezbollah (The Army of god) . But fear is never a good reason for capitulation or surrender as your victorious opponent will visit upon you greater than that you feared. So in your mind if you have a scintilla of resolve, pray for the President of the United States to be courageous and cut the head off this poisonous snake right now. Waiting is what the Muslims pray for; don’t give them any help because they salivate at the thought of beheading you in the stadium no matter how long it takes.




Auntie D said...

My word you use "fancy" words!!! I think though this time I figured out the bottom line....WAKE UP AMERICA BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE!!! They hate us, period and they want us all dead.......they may act "nice" to our face if it means they can get to our open backs to destroy us.

Did I get close?

Wadical said...

Yep, that 'bout says it.

caliphate, capitulation, scintilla... Yeah, I must admit the need to look up the word "scintilla".

ΛΕΟΝΙΔΑΣ said...

auntie d: BINGO!
Wadical: scintilla= a leeetle bit