Monday, July 10, 2006

It's Bush's Fault

If it was not bad enough that Progressives, headed up by Appeaser-in-Chief, Jimmy Carter, drafted the treaty that North Korea promptly ignored and developed nuclear weapons under, they are now complaining that the treaty did not work, and blaming Bush for it. Evidently, they do not feel that the United States has appeased the psychopath leader of North Korea quite enough, so off we go to the United Nations to learn the true meaning on international diplomatic incompetence. As we speak, the leaders of nations North Korea is not pointing nuclear missiles toward are deciding the fate of those who do. Perhaps, if we are lucky, the UN will get really tough with North Korea, and in addition to a press release expressing “regret” that North Korea is practicing its incineration of Tokyo, and order the United States to send 52 American hostages to Pyongyang to guarantee our good behavior.

Speaking of 52 American hostages, Iran, venue of President Carter’s last diplomatic victory for Progressivism’s cause, is going to develop nuclear weapons, as well. This time, the Bush Administration is doing what the Progressives want, and engaging in multilateral negotiations with a country that is the wellspring of global international terrorism. Not to be the pessimist, but they are not going to work. Iran is doing to pursue the development of nuclear weapons until either they have them, or someone destroys their nuclear production capabilities. We can stand around and negotiate forever, and this fact will not change. Progressives like to pretend that negotiations are an end unto themselves. That somehow, if we talk long enough, and give a hostile enemy concession after concession, peace will mysteriously erupt. The fact that negotiating with rogue regimes is no more effective today than it was in the days of Neville Chamberlain is lost on Progressives. Faced with the reality that the problem is not Iran’s poverty, infrastructure, or need for alternative fuel sources, but the radical terrorist regime running it, Progressives have once again chosen to blame Bush and the United States, in general, for objecting to Iran’s desire to “wipe Israel off the map.”

At no point have Progressives joined the threads of together and realized that we are doing the exact same thing with Iran that we did with North Korea. If there is ever a negotiated compromise to the current crisis, all it will do is give the Iranians a few years to secretly violate the treaty and then drop their fully developed nuclear capability on the world as a /fiat accompli/.


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