Saturday, July 15, 2006

Religion of "Peace"?

President Bush has blamed Hezbollah and Syria for the attack on Israel's northern border and Iran and Hamas for the rocket attacks into Israel from Gaza. This makes about as much sense as blaming only the officers and men of the six Japanese carriers that attacked Pearl Harbor in 1941 for starting WW II. We should be clear as to the identity of the true enemy. It is militant, jihadist Islam.

Terror is the default position of Islam. If you don't convert to their religion, if you practice another religion, their solution is to behead you. They are no more peaceful than a scorpion who can't help it; forgiveness is not in their nature. There is no turning the other cheek in Islam. "Peace" is their siren song, death is the reality. They are the world's most successful evangelists because you can't refute their message of peace. But once they have you, you can't escape. If you try, it is off to the soccer stadium for your beheading. If you don't think these Muslims are a serious bunch remember their thought police killed two people in Somalia who were caught watching the World Cup because Muslim law forbids watching TV.

And all this diversion by names has some serious consequences. The people can't rally to their own defense when they have no earthly idea who their enemy is. America is not fighting Hamas or Hezbollah, they are fighting Muslims intent on converting the world to Islam and realizing their caliphate here on Earth. This is pretty scary stuff. No TV and no bikinis, just 7th Century religious barabarism run by unelected Imams of seriously questionable intelligence.



one more patriot said...

I agree with you. But we all must be careful into lumping all Muslims into one big terror group.
I have been to one of the largest Muslim countries in the world and most of the people there are Muslim in name only just like most people in the U.S. are Christian in name only. Most do seem to want peace. However, your right again. Once your in, your in to stay. Trying to leave may cost you your life. I believe the Muslim religion is dangerous to those in it and to those around it. I believe the only way to fight a lie is with truth. Therefore, we must take the gospel of Christ to the Muslim people at all cost.

Pogo said...

Leonidas pointed out that all muslims should not be tarred with the same brush, only "militant jihadist muslims". As for "taking the gospel of Christ" to the muslims, there are many places on the planet where that will get you beheaded without any protests from so called moderate muslims. Even the jihadists want "peace"(after all infidels are eliminated).

Wadical said...

I say it is "Islam" (not 'militant' Islam) that is the enemy. Maybe there are "moderate", luke warm, Muslims who don't follow their faith to the letter. But there is no "radical" Islam...there is only Islam itself. If it's followers choose not to be true to its teachings then that is their choice but the people we call "radical" or "militant" are really nothing more than "true" and "devout" followers of Islam.

Anonymous said...

Are there enough of us who understand that you are right?