Sunday, July 23, 2006

A Plan?

Over at Rantburg, ΛΕΟΝΙΔΑΣ ran across a comment by an anonymous individual identified as "Poison Reverse" who presents a splendid plan for resolving the situation in Lebanon:

It is impossible to make an accurate map of Hezbollah zones. As long as Hezbollah actually holds parliamentary seats in the Lebanese government, it is impossible. Also, Hezbollah provides hospitals, daycare, plumbing, sewer services, water, electricity and other services to the Shiites. This is how Hezbollah establishes mind control over the Shiite population. Hezbollah is a cancer that must be destroyed completely. It can be done in three ways.

Unlike the Democrats, I have ideas:
One is do what Israel is doing right now. Completely destroy the military capability of Hezbollah within Lebanon and cut off re-supply.
Two, the surrounding Arab states and the EU must be allowed to immediately supply funds and rebuild the city in the Shiite community. In fact, the Arab states and the EU must be on stand by with reconstruction personnel and equipment. The Shiite people of Lebanon must be able to witness, now that the Hezbollah military capability is destroyed, help is on the way. The Lebanese army should be put in place to provide security. In order to re-train the mind set of regular Shiite population, basic services must be restored immediately. Use Halliburton with Arab employees, I don’t care.
Third, the Lebanese army must be put along the Syrian border, yes that’s right, I said Syrian border and NOT the Israeli border and inspect every Syrian truck that comes into Lebanon. Any trucks with weapons coming in Syria must be destroyed ASAP. If the Lebanese can’t handle it, then let Israel know where the truck is located. Jordan cooperates with Israel in this manner all the time.

In conclusion, There should be a massive influx of construction equipment brought in, for the rebuilding. The Shiite population must be a clear witness to the reconstruction efforts. Now that the war is happening, the Shiite population is willing to put up with some inconveniences for a short time. There is a small window of time to restore or least a clearly visible massive attempt, to restore basic services. If basic services are not restored within the small window of time, about 3-6 months, the seed is planted for chaos and insurgency. Then, Lebanon turns into another Iraq that gives birth to new militias vying for power. Bottom line, whoever restores basic services first, wins the hearts and minds. It cannot be the US. The US can hand out 10 gold coins to every Shiite and they would still hate us.

I know my ideas won't be put in place due to the fact that the UN want chaos to exist to use as an excuse to thumb their collective noses at the evil Israel and the US.



Auntie D said...

I will be real honest to admit that your writing goes over my head at times but I'm thinking you have a good plan. Just to let you know I'm reading and enjoying your least when I understand. :>)

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