Wednesday, July 26, 2006


On 1 July 1916, the opening day of the battle of the Somme, Total Allied casualties were 57,470, of which 19,240 were fatal. The battle lasted until November of that year with over 600,000 casualties on both sides. The 24/7 "news" outlets are suggesting that the 9 casualties sustained today by the IDF are "horrendous" and that Israel should agree to a "cease fire" to allow the "Army of God" (hezbollah) to resupply and reorganize. And these are not even the French!


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Wadical said...

'Tis true. The left wing media will champion the cause of anyone who stands against America and, apparently, Israel too. They'll cover every single casualty that occurs...on both sides. Their side to show how evil we are for causing such pain and suffering, and our side to show how futile our mission is and garner support for withdrawal. The big picture is never seen. These wars are fought with unprecedented and amazing precision and efficiency. We take down entire regimes, with less casualties than a great deal of single battles in previous wars. Yet they'll tell you that every death is an outrage, and that every casualty is in vain. Despite our huge technological advances and precision guided munitions, real time intel, unfettered battlefield communication, super strict rules of engagement, and the most highly trained and specialized soldiers the planet has ever seen.....war is still war, and people will die. Many Americans just don't have the fire in the belly or intestinal fortitude to fight to keep themselves free. Most of these Americans, coincidently, get microphones shoved in their faces, talking head positions on network television, chief editor positions at major newspapers and other media outlets, or even a cushy job on the hill. They are the opposite of Patriots. They're turncoat traitors. They'd never condone firing a single shot to protect what hundreds of thousands have died to provide us. But, Thank God there are still those who would. Guess I got a little off subject but, oh well, that's just how it came out.