Thursday, July 13, 2006


The extent to which green-left thinking on the environment has taken hold in the mass media and at all levels of education has made it the dominant voice in the so-called environmental debate. There is not one opinion leader or political party, especially the shrinking Democrats, that has not been heavily influenced by it one way or another.

However, it would be a serious mistake to assume that the green-left alliance is ideologically united. It is not. Basically it comprises two factions: the Marxist-Leninist faction and the utopian faction. Both are temporarily united by their mutual loathing of capitalism. Temporarily because their long term goals are mutually exclusive.

The unregenerate Marxist-Leninists (aptly called watermelons: green on the outside and red on the inside) still fervently believe that capitalism will be brought down by its “inner contradictions” helped by a lot of economic sabotage. The collapse of the Soviet Empire has taught them nothing. They still have the fanatic’s capacity for self-deception and cruelty.

To them socialism has not failed, it just has not been tried. Hence environmentalism is just another weapon in their ideological war against capitalism, which really amounts to war against our civilisation. To these socialist cultists “environmentalism” will provide the regulatory noose that will strangle capitalism and herald a new world.

Where the old left still believes in the virtues of a centrally planned economy and the evils of capitalism, the green utopian left consist mainly of people who have developed a vague vision of an anarcho-agrarian society. Leftists originally joined the greens with the intention of using them in the fight against capitalism. But a funny thing happened to many of these cultists on the way to their socialist revolution: their anti-capitalism was transformed into an anti-industrial ethic. They abandoned their visions of a workers’ state to embrace the fantasy of a green Elysium that only the elect can enter.

This is why they had no difficulty in deserting the materialism of Marx for Rousseau’s fantasy of the “Noble Savage”. None of this is really surprising. Their utopianism is obvious to any informed observer. Incredible as it seems and despite all the evidence to the contrary, these dangerous clowns actually believe that profit driven economic growth (is there any other kind?) creates mass unemployment and wholesale destruction of the environment.

What is really striking, however, is the resemblance of the green movement to revolutionary millenarianism — with one crucial difference: the top echelon of the green movement consists largely of intellectuals, the spoiled and selfish offspring of an affluent and indulgent capitalist society. . In one subtle ideological move, “the dictatorship of the proletariat” has been transformed into the dictatorship of the lumpen intelligentsia.

So basically the Green movement has been formed by intellectuals for intellectuals. “You won’t see any branches of the Sierra Club in Watts or Harlem”. And this brings us right back to their hatred of capitalism, or should I say economic growth. They hate it because it gives the masses what they want rather than what they, the intellectuals, think they should have.



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