Sunday, July 16, 2006

Now We Know

Was it only last year that we were all ecstatic to observe the Syrian army pulling out of Lebanon after a 30 year occupation? Under considerable pressure Asshat, the Syrian "leader" caved in the face of international pressure and the "Cedar Revolution" and we were treated to media footage of Syrian troop trucks crossing the Bekaa valley on the road to Damascus. ΛΕΟΝΙΔΑΣ at the time thought it odd that those Syrian troops all decked out in camo battle dress and waving cheerily appeared strangely UNARMED. Nor did we see included in the convoys any artillary. Was all the hardware turned over to Hezbollah? It would certainly seem so as the terrorists who control the southern quarter of the country and occupy 20% of the seats in parliament are armed to the teeth. Asshat appeared to have the last laugh until he authorized the terrorists to goad the only credible military power in the region to respond. Let's see how long the U.S. president resists the pressure from foreign and domestic appeasers to "reign in the Israeli over reaction" to the acts of war against them.


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