Monday, April 09, 2007

Liberty's Enemies

Recent history seems to give the lie to leftist assertions that capitalists are committed to a laissez faire economy and elimination of governmental regulatory burdens on business. If one researches the contributions of many large corporations and the grants of substantial sums from large "philanthropic" foundations it becomes readily apparent that in fact these entities are for the most part investing in government intervention in order to generate accretions to their bottom line. The recent emergence of businesses dedicated to environmental issues such as selling "carbon offsets" and manufacturing compact flourescent light bulbs are examples.
Fred Reed:
"Commerce watches government as a tick watches a cow. Getting money from the government is immensely profitable and in general easy, since the people who dispense it do not own it and so do not care what is done with it. Industry, understanding this perfectly, is always looking for something to sell to the government [or items/services that the government forces us to purchase such as so called "safety" items or insurance policies].
After 9/11, a huge market sprang up for the paraphernalia of security: metal detectors, x-ray gadgets for baggage, and such like. These things cost whole bunches. Airports after all have lots of gates. Here was a Comstock Lode for tech industry. Further, a new federal bureaucracy came into being, hiring large numbers of people, screeners and marshals and supervisory ’crats, who suddenly had a monetary interest in terrorism. When you get paid for solving a problem, the last thing you want to do is to solve it. Where would exterminators be without cockroaches?

The next time a leftist or environmentalist (redundancy alert) refers with disdain to Exxon Mobil's penurious grants to scientists who are skeptical of the catastrophic and anthropogenic effects on climate change, they should be reminded of the vast sums granted to scientists by government agencies and such as the Tides and Ford foundations as well as General Electric on condition that human causes be the designated villain.



Rose said...

Not just the vast sums flowing from the Foundations, but the concerted Foundation orchestrated PR efforts that go into influencing our opinions, and our lives. Learning about these guys has been a real eye opener.

Rose said...

But what I really wanted to tell you about was this.

ΛΕΟΝΙΔΑΣ said...

Thanks rose. I've seen a few similar videos. Heaven help these poor souls after we are forced by the dhimmocrats to abandon them.

Rose said...

That's the first one I have seen, but there was a news story the other night - something about the military allowing the soldiers to post their videos on YouTube, and about the surprising upbeat and positive day to day events they show, quite a different picture than we get from CNN (et al). I don't know if they post as individuals or all under one (sanctioned) military outlet. But it is interesting.

They say this will be the You Tube election coming up, that the battle will be won and lost in small personal (and made to look personal) videos. Then, Congress will step in with laws to shut it down forever.