Thursday, April 12, 2007

Lynch Mobs; One Win One loss

It is somewhat ironic that coinciding with the failure of one lynch mob to accomplish its objectives, the race pimps, Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton should be successful in bringing down one of the so called "shock jock" darlings of the media for a tasteless characterization of the members of a women's college basket ball team.
ΛΕΟΝΙΔΑΣ has long found Mr. Imus to be less than entertaining notwithstanding being disgusted by has been coke heads wearing cowboy hats and badly in need of tonsorial services. The coup-de-grace administered on Mr Imus by the politically correct media at the behest of the race pimps Sharpton and Jackson, especially after nearly a week of his disgusting, groveling, auto-da-fe was a bit more than this humble spartan could stomach. As usual, Stephen at Dr. Horsefeathers beautifully juxtaposes this bit of theatre against the year long suffering if real victims in the Duke Lacrosse injustice.
[T]he most blatant racists are liberals who view everything under the aspect of black victimhood and white racism.
[A]s Imus falls all over himself apologizing over and over for his insulting words, who will apologize to the Duke Lacrosse players for the far worse trauma they endured than the Rutgers’ basketball players? Will Jackson and Sharpton apologize for endorsing the lying accusations of a black woman? Will Selena Roberts, the New York Times sports writer, cum sociologist, apologize for hurling around charges of racism, sexism, and white privilege, while suggesting that actual innocence would not purge the deep sickness of white racism made manifest by the Duke scandal? And how about the courageous Duke administration and faculty, who eagerly leapt—not to the defense of their own customers, the students—but to the defense of a lying accuser who proclaimed her black female victimhood? Will they apologize to the lacrosse coach they eagerly dumped overboard? Will the craven, politically correct President of Duke resign? Don’t hold your breath, because, you see, Liberals are not interested in the lives of actual real individuals—the young student athletes and their families, nor even the real life of the accuser. Instead these politically correct race hustlers and self-flatterers choose to lump individual human beings into pre-formed templates. They employ a “narrative” in place of factual truth, thanks to their ‘education’ as good PoMos. The narrative is about Amerika, a country poisoned by racism, sexism and capitalism. As the evidence against the lacrosse team emerged and collapsed in all its flimsiness, Roberts deplored the temptation to view the athletes as innocent; they were, after all, part of a larger system, college sports, sexist values, white racism, capitalism, etc. so even if the evidence supported the athletes’ story, that mattered less than that they were part of a racist, sexist culture. The accuser was also not seen as an individual, but rather a member of a victim class. That worked for Tawana Brawley and we expect the Reverends Sharpton and Jackson to continue working the strategy even after the case has been dismissed. Watch to see the various Liberal politicians condemn Don Imus while empathizing with the poor black woman who tried to destroy the lives of ‘white men of privilege’. Liberalism means never having to admit you're wrong because you're heart is with the oppressed.
Stephen's entire post is worthy of your perusal.

At least now we can get on with the really important issues like the eight federal attorneys now collecting unemployment benefits.

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