Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Stand By With the Vaseline

ΛΕΟΝΙΔΑΣ and family are currently entertaining family guests from the socialist kingdom of Sweden. We have been spending an inordinate amount of time accompanying them on "shopping" expeditions. They are amazed by the "cheapness" of items as compared to equivalent items in the socialist paradise where they reside and are puzzled by the reasons for it. Typical consumer items in the U.S. which are taxed at 7% cost about half what comparable items cost in Sweden and ΛΕΟΝΙΔΑΣ has attempted with limited success to explain to them the reasons for this.
Two of the visitors are employed by small businesses in Sweden that must pay the government an "employment tax" on each of their employees equal to 100% of the employee's salary. This covers the government mandated 5 weeks paid vacation per year as well as their health insurance which has been experiencing an exponential increase in co-payments for the last several years. (Also and additionally there is a "Value Added (sales) Tax" on ALL goods and services of 25%).
During the absence of employees for the mandated 5 weeks per year vacation plus the government mandated paid sick leave and "personal" time the employer must pay replacements who are entitled to the same benefits. If employers are unable to pass these costs on to consumers they must go out of business with the resulting unemployment benefits paid by other taxpayers.
Not surprisingly, the results of this system are prices for all consumer products of about twice that of the "evil" U.S.
These folks protest that medical treatment (usually after a substantial waiting period and increasing co-payments) are "free" not to mention the "free lunches'' at all government centers of socialist indoctrination (schools).
Welcome to the plan that the Dhimmocrat party envisions for US.


Wadical said...

Perhaps you'll send them back with a new and enlightened view of capitalism.

By the way. I've passed along an award to you. Doesn't mean much other than you're read and appreciated.

Knute said...

Exactly what I think about Sweden! Now I am moving to another European country where the Swedish model hasn't yet penetrated everything.

Anonymous said...

Sorry for you to have to spend so much time showing your foreigners your "evil US". They obviously have never been to South East Asia where prices are a fraction of US prices and where most of US products come from, plus!! added "value". You have probably never spent time checking out the European system with VAT. Common throughout all European countries. 5 week employee vacation does not necessarily need replacement employment but planning since almost all industry is down at the same period due to vacations and activity is low. Schools have free lunches and are free of murderers.
Columbine + VT + ??????

ΛΕΟΝΙΔΑΣ said...

Wow! Looks like our commenter from Karlstad believes there is such a thing as a "free lunch". Those meals just fall out of the sky! Yes, that is a super 25% vat on EVERY transaction in the country in addition to the progressive, confiscatory income tax. Just what Herr Marx suggested. Glad your country's economy "stops" for 5 weeks each year. Now if we can only get the government to do the same. If you could get your government to release the violent crime statistics for places like Malmö instead of suppressing them it might be revealed that the rates are comparable to New York. We are working on allowing our students to shoot back at murderers instead of disarming them and prosecuting victims for defending themselves. Our government and our socialists, like yours, are not fond of armed law abiding citizens. Oh, by the way, those "foreigners" have visited southeast Asia.