Monday, April 16, 2007

Useful Idiots

Recently Michael Moore contacted ailing responders to the cleanup project at Ground Zero at the World Trade Center in order to offer them medical treatment in the health care system in Cuba. His most recent sleight of hand stunt is designed to illustrate the superiority of medical care in the island "workers paradise" of Cuba as compared to the U.S.

There is little doubt that foreigners can receive decent medical care in Cuba if they are prepared to pay for it with hard currency. In fact, Cuba trains medical doctors and exports them to various countries around the world where they are paid what amounts to slave's wages and used as propaganda tools of the Castro regime. A good number of these doctors have defected from their assigned tasks in Venezuela and fled to Colombia where they are awaiting refugee status in order to emigrate to the U.S.

Meanwhile in Cuba, the citizens are forced to suffer hospital and medical conditions that civilized humans would avoid imposing on their pets.
This is typical of the Castro regime which showcases its facilities for foreign tourists and Hollywood useful idiots while forcing Cubans to suffer the indignities of third class citizens in their own country.

Many foreigners (especially Hollywood celebrities) believe that the facilities used by regular Cubans are the same as those that they use and when they return to their countries they help spread Castro's lies and propaganda about the "excellent, free healthcare" that Cubans receive.

While visiting Cuba aboard our sailboat, and ΛΕΟΝΙΔΑΣ being able to understand and speak Spanish, we were able to observe the flagrant disparity in the treatment of Cubans versus visiting foreign tourists and Communist Party aparatchiks.



That Broad said...

Thank you for posting this. I went to the site and viewed the rest of the very sad pictures. It is imperative that people know about this stuff.

I linked to this post.

Wadical said...

The picture is sad. "Flashy" put-ons seem to be quite common with dictatorial regimes. They hide their poor masses and spend great deal of money on building a thin veneer of happiness and wellbeing to show the rest of the world.

North Korea does the same thing with its "Showcase Capital City" of Pyongyang that Cuba does with its Health Care system. DPRK last reported the population of the city to be at 3.8 million, nearly 800,000 more people than the city of Chicago, the 3rd most populous city in the US. Yet nearly every person who visits Pyongyang reports what nearly every picture of Pyongyang available on the internet is eerily devoid of people. It's streets are empty. There are hundreds of high rise apartment buildings with no furniture or personal belongings on the balconies.

Rumored to only be home to the few but privileged social elite of the DPRK, Chairman Kim Jong-il loves to put on ceremonies and performances for visitors to the city with happy little school children dancing and waving flags and "workers" with frozen smiles like Stepford Wives. His government can't afford basic necessities like clean water, fuel, food and electricity for the rest of his country yet he puts up this facade of prosperity in his capital city at apparently great cost. Ongoing construction is nearly endless in a largely unoccupied city while people starve to death everywhere else.