Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Cultural Marxist Warfare

From all indications it would appear that the American public has soured on the so called "war on terror" especially as it is conducted in Iraq. Who can blame them? With the opposition of the cultural Marxists as well as the anti war libertarian movement which cannot see any threat posed by the Islamists jihadis the attempt has been made to conduct the hostilities on the basis of political correctness while the jihadists are constrained by no such impediments. One illustration of this point is the effort to counter the IEDs (improvised explosive devices) in Iraq which are the major source of military casualties.
The insurgents who kill our young soldiers are ruthless, but we have sometimes been cautious in our response. Take the question of targeting bomb makers: There may be an unlimited supply of explosives in Iraq, but there is not an unlimited supply of people who know how to wire the detonators. In 2004, CIA operatives in Iraq believed that they had identified the signatures of 11 bomb makers. They proposed a diabolical -- but potentially effective -- sabotage program that would have flooded Iraq with booby-trapped detonators designed to explode in the bomb makers' hands. But the CIA general counsel's office said no. The lawyers claimed that the agency lacked authority for such an operation, one source recalled.

There are technologies that would allow us to detonate every roadside bomb in Iraq by heating the wires in the detonators to the point that they triggered an explosion. But these systems could severely harm civilians nearby, so we're not using them, either. "In our system, we often are not given credit for the fact that we are very concerned about collateral damage," Meigs said.

This situation leads one to conclude that the military strategies and tactics of the US are being heavily influenced by a class of legal beagles whose impact on other facets of our society have resulted in substantially increased economic costs.

Your humble writer in a previous life earned his bread in the oil fields of that formerly great state of California where he met many fine and philosophical individuals. One such person was a native American from Oklahoma who imparted several pearls of wisdom to ΛΕΟΝΙΔΑΣ and one of the pearls went something like this: "If you're going to be a bear, be a grizzly!"

The enormous economic wealth of the US tends to obscure many economic costs but when those costs begin to effect the human life of our citizenry it may be time to fire some Pentagon and Langley lawyers and place some grizzly bears on the payroll.

Make no mistake. Our enemies will continue to use our moral weaknesses as weapons to defeat the West and unfortunately it is THEY who will dictate the rules of engagement.


hat tip: John Ray


KG said...

It's high time President Bush began to act like the Commander-In-Chief he's supposed to be.
Review the ROE's and get the effing lawyer's out of the troops faces.
Let the troops fight for chrissakes.

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Anonymous said...

"If you want to be a moron, be an american moron."