Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Treasure Down a Rat Hole

The Mexicans (God bless 'em) have an aphorism that ΛΕΟΝΙΔΑΣ finds exquisitely appropriate concerning the latest news that the U.S. and European countries have resumed their economic and military aid to the recently "reformed" government of the "palestinian people" led by Mahmoud Abbas: "Cuando se acosta con putas o perras no es una sorpresa si se levanta pulgada." (When one gets in bed with whores or bitches it is no surprise if he gets up afflicted with fleas). Although this pearl of wisdom was imparted by the first mate of a shrimp boat in the Sea of Cortez concerning his captain, it applies perfectly in this instance. Abbas' writ now extends only to the territory along the west bank of the Jordan River of Judea and Samaria, it having been purged from Gaza by the terrorist "peace loving" followers of Hamas.
All of the treasure and weapons provided previously by the western governments including the U.S. to the palestinian "government" in Gaza are now in the hands of a terrorist organization committed to extinguishing the states of Israel and the United States.

Washington needs to think long and hard about Palestinian security training programs and America's image abroad -- particularly if people come to associate Washington's image with Mahmoud Abbas and his men who were stripped to their underwear and dragged out of that building in Gaza last week. The policy of extending additional aid to the Fatah government in the form of weaponry and treasure makes as much sense as Britain doing the same for France after the Dunkirk evacuation in June 1940. Sir Winston refused. It is unfortunate that Mr. Bush lacks Churchillean wisdom.

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