Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Curiouser and Curiouser

Let us see if we understand this situation correctly. A former Clinton Administration member steals and destroys an unknown number of top secret documents concerning national security issues from the National Archives and receives a minimal fine and forfeiture of his license to practice law and an aid to the vice president who has not been convicted of violating ANY statute is fined $250,000.00 and sentenced to 30 months in a Federal prison. Convince me that this situation can be characterized as "justice". If President Bush fails to intervene in this egregious miscarriage of justice by pardoning Mr. Libby he deserves the condemnation of anyone who is concerned with justice as it is administered in the US.


Wadical said...

...and Novak and the NYT get off scott free. Justice? Yeah right!

ΛΕΟΝΙΔΑΣ said...

Richard Armitage was the real culprit and even HE did not violate the statute criminalizing the outing of a covert agent.Fitzgerald knew this from the getgo. The entire political witch hunt was a sop to the crazed Bush derangement syndrome leftists in the media and Congress. If Bush does not have the gonads to call it what it is he does not deserve our respect.

KG said...

There's not much doubt which way the courts lean, is there?

Wadical said...

Armitage was the source. But when does the media become responsible for the crap they print? Novak knew what he was doing.

In May 1945, a Japanese balloon bomb killed a woman and 5 children in Oregon. To keep them guessing and nοt wanting the Japanese to know that their tactic worked, this and other incidents involving the bombs was suppressed. It was in the best interest of the country. The Japanese monitored the US press and everyone knew that. If they knew it worked, they would have kept sending them.

You think that would happen today? You think the NYT would keep a secret in the interest of national security? Hell no. They are anti-American if you ask me and bolster our enemy more than inform our nation.

One ought to be responsible for what one writes.

ΛΕΟΝΙΔΑΣ said...

Wadical: "You think the NYT would keep a secret in the interest of national security?"

The answer is obviously NO! Pinch's publication is an enemy of the national interest of the U.S. They are Marxists first and foremost and are allied with the Islamists for the sole purpose of ending western free enterprise culture.